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Season’s Greetings from The Malhar Group!

Anupam Bagchi, President, The Malhar Group

On behalf of all of us in The Malhar Group, we wish you all happy holidays and a happy and prosperous New Year of 2015.

We are working hard to present to you Indian Classical Music in various events as best as we can.  Our upcoming events in 2015 are as follows:

  • April 4: Annual General Meeting & Listening Session
  • May 23: Tenth Annual Springfest
  • August 8: Listening Session
  • September 19:  Third Annual Arohi
  • December 5: Listening Session

Please make sure that you pencil in the above dates!  Further details on each event will follow.  For any questions, email:

On December 6, 2014, The Malhar Group of Canada held its 25th Listening Session. What is our listening session?

By Anupam Bagchi – President, The Malhar Group.

For those who love Indian Classical Music, there is nothing more satisfying and exciting than attending live concerts and listening to the artists performing on stage.  In a country like Canada, these opportunities are available but there are limitations.

The next best thing after live concerts is to listen to recorded music.  We collect music, exchange music and talk about music with other music loving friends almost on a continuous basis!  This is our passion!

These days we can of course sit at home and listen to Indian Classical Music all we want via the Internet.  It is an enormous boon and it will quickly change the way we interact with the music and the musicians in general.  However, it is a lot more fun to enjoy music with your like-minded friends who have the same passion.

The Malhar Group has been organizing Listening Sessions of recorded music for our music loving members for more than a decade.  They are more structured than just casual listening and well planned music selections with a specific theme such as a Raga, an artist, a Gharana and the like.  For example, if the theme is a specific Raga, then details of the Raga namely Aroha, Avroha, Pakad, Vadi, Samvadi, That etc. are explained before the music begins.  Occasionally, we have musicians demonstrating the topic at hand.  The listening is serious and continues for hours without any undue distractions other than good food!

So far, The Malhar Group has held Listening Sessions on the following themes:

  • Thumri & Dadra by Female Vocalists
  • Raga Desh
  • Malhar Group of Ragas
  • Raga Khamaj
  • Raga Kirwani
  • Memorable Jugalbandis
  • Raga Shree
  • Raga Jog
  • Raga Bageshri
  • Raga Kirwani
  • Music of Ali Akbar Khan
  • Raga Kaushik Dhwani
  • Sarang Group of Ragas
  • Raga Bihag
  • Tarana
  • Raga Darbari Kanada
  • Raga Jaijaiwanti
  • Raga Basant/Raga Bahar
  • Morning Ragas
  • Raga Jhinjhoti/Raga Khamaj
  • Dhrupad
  • Music of Ravi Shankar
  • Ragas Marwa/Puriya/Sohini
  • Raga Kedar
  • Raga Madhuvanti